We are the sole agents and distributors and stockists for world renowned, high powered and of latest technology Hearing Aids – brands namely: Widex (Denmark), Rion(Japan), Starkey(USA).
We are also sole agents and distributors for all types of Speech Trainers – group or single model and SCOLA system equipments. We are proud to state that we are agents in Sri Lanka for the latest Audiology equipments of high technology.
We provide Ultra Virus Ear Moulds (soft/hard) to the requirements of hearing aids users, out of materials imported from Germany at low cost.
We provide free testing for hearing impaired patients, conducted by professionally qualified Audiologists, in our Audiology units, using highly sophisticated equipments. Our Audiologists assists Hearing Aid/s users in carrying out tests at the Audilogy Unit and where required reprogramming of the instruments are effected accordingly free of charge. We also provide an efficient and free after delivery service to all our customers conducted by our qualified Audiologists.
We maintain a Mobile Audiology clinic manned by our professionally qualified Audiologist, island wide. CONSULT US FOR YOUR NEEDS IN OPHTHAMALIC PRODUCTS AND HEARING AIDS